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YUAN YUAN circulating fan

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360 degrees circulating fan

Key Features


“YUAN YUAN” Circulating Fan



1. Dimension: Height  94 cm, Weidth 36 cm, Circumference  41 cm

2. Rated Voltage: 110V, 60Hz, 60W

3. Infrared Remote Control Receiving module

4. Material: ABS, P.P., stainless steel, iron















(1)      Doubled Circulation Effectiveness

         Different from other market-available circulating fans that use all methods to create 360-degree circulation, but still requires rotation of the fan head, and the objects receiving the wind blow will be subject to time differences, this product can supply air in 360 degrees all the time with no rotation of the fan head, which displays and enhances its effectiveness immediately.


(2)    Subversion of Traditional Thinking:

         This product allows people to understand what the 360-degree air supply is. Some of the market-available electric fans that claim to supply air in 360 degrees were designed only to supply air progressively. This product is an air-supply device that can really supply air in an immediate, all-round way.


 (3)   Ultra-high CP Value

         Normally, an electric fan will not be able to generate adequate wind for a crowd of people. This product provides the effect of multiple traditional electric fans, allowing many people to enjoy the wind blowing at the same time. The cost is low but the value is doubled.


 (4)     Assurance of Safety of Life and Properties

         According to investigations, some domestic fires are caused by electric fans. For the most part, domestic fires are caused by overloading of the motors of electric fans due to failure to rotate.  This product needs no rotation of fan head when it supplies air in 360 degrees. Naturally, there is no risk of failure in the gear mechanism.  The operation of the fan motor requires less energy to run, which not only extends the service life of the electric fan, but also eliminates the fire hazards significantly.  A timing device can also be installed to reduce power consumption and protect your life and properties.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2017-08-17
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