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Smart Clothing-with real-time alert

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Auto body temperature detection, better sleep quality


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Key Features

Smart Clothes, the Good Helper of Young Parents



We all know that taking care of the baby is a very hard and need patience for young parents.


Body temperature is one of the signs of our lives, it is an important basis for people to determine health or not.

Normal body temperature is relatively constant, but due to the external environment and the body of various adverse factors, it would cause the body temperature too high or too low. And this will affect the body's normal metabolism, and lead to disorder in life activities.


So the body temperature is a barometer of physical health.

measure temperature

health management

Especially for the babies! Even if the baby is sick, they cant not tell us through language, so we can only through the body temperature to judge the baby's health or not.


As the baby's body in the initial stage of growth, immune function and resistance are still relatively poor, it is easy to catch a cold, fever, whooping cough, pneumonia and other common diseases for children.


For the fever baby, parents should always keep the changes of baby's body temperature, so as to prevent the disease becomes more serious.


Although it is a necessary job to measure the body temperature for the baby at all times, meanwhile, this is a tiring thing, for the young parents who work for the day, especially at night.

compares with tradition

For young parents, the following is the distress when using traditional thermometers:


  • Can not easily fix the thermometer in baby's

  • Have to wait at least five minutes when you are very sleepy.

  • Need to measure body temperature repeatedly in the night.


However, smart clothes can solve the above problems:


  • Put the "thermometer" directly on the baby's body

  • Do not have to wait when measuring body temperature.

  • The phone can record the baby's body temperature at any time.

With smart clothes to measure body temperature, which not only can grasp the changes of baby's body temperature, but also can remind the young parents timely.

real-time alert

So, smart clothes are very useful for young parents who need work at the daytime!


Having smart clothes, you need not to did extra effort to get up to measure your kid's body temperature. It was even worse than the cold or flu because your sleep is valuable for the next day. It is no compensation for you to do this again. Your baby can just wear smart cloth as normal wear to sleep, once your baby had fever, it will notify you for the app. 


Auto body temperature detection,

better sleep quality!


More information: http://sinopulsar.en.taiwantrade.com/


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Last Update : 2017-04-30
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