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Smart Clothes For Femine Ovulation Period

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Pregnant And Contraceptive is a Good Helper!


  • Fabric Type : Chiffon
  • Style : Casual
  • Type : Shirt/Blouse

Key Features



Do you still have been a concern, you do not know what time is the best period of conception and contraception , and crazy download calculation of the menstruation period of the app, but also worried about the calculation of the app consequences are not allowed. If you have this kind of trouble, then, Sinopulsar female agent is your best assistant.




  • Product Usage: suit to women in real time to monitor body temperature.


  • Product Design:the high-precision technology of the body temperature sensor embedded in the clothes,always monitor the temperature and enter the phone,automatically included in the daily temperature. 


  • Core technology:independent design MCU chip + sensor, chip TSMC(Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) OEM.


Normal Ovulation Function Standard Curve

When the normal menstrual cycle is 28 days,from the first day of menstruation began to count,body temperature will continue to low temperature 14 days,on the 14th day began ovulation,followed by high temperatures for 14 days.


A menstrual cycle,body temperature from low temperature to high temperature.It is most likely to be pregnant within 10 days of ovulation day,Is the time that people who want to conceive and contraception should be most concerned.


Pregnancy Period of the Body Temperature Curve

When the phone shows the high temperature for more than 20 days(Normal for 14 days),If this month did not menstruation,Even the emergence of pregnancy reaction,This is usually a manifestation of pregnancy.




We dedicate on on products, also give you more care.♡



Read more:

http://sinopulsar.en.taiwantrade.com/product/smart-women-ovulation-bluetooth-and-nfc-temperature-measurement-clothes-1294422.html   (women)



Product Certification

Last Update : 2017-05-13
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