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papaer Cooking Pot for outdoor and hiking

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Camping & hiking cookware Pot & Pan


  • Feature : Eco-Friendly,Stocked

Key Features

When you’re backpacking or camping, minimizing the weight of your pack is a pretty big deal. The smart paperDisposable Paper Cooking Pot is Essential Camping Gear Pot is a clever invention that lets you carry a nearly-weightless cooking pot wherever you go – and there is no cleanup required.

Smart Paper Pot is made from a non-toxic waterproof coating on biodegradable paper. It comes flat and quickly pops open into its hexagonal shape. When you’re done cooking with it, you don’t have to worry about washing it – just throw the pot into your recycling bin.

The pot can cook anything liquid, including noodles and soup. This is the secret to the paper pot’s usefulness: as long as there is liquid in it, the paper will not catch fire.

Camping cookware Paper Pot.

The product was made of craft papers certified to green products. It is appropriate for outdoor activities with eco-friendly materials and colors and its reliabelity was enhanced by FDA and SGS certifications.


  • Condition : Brand new

  • Product : Paper Cooking Pot Sets

  • Size : Medium Size 1600ml - Served for 1-2 People
    Paper Pot : 150mm x 150mm x 90mm
    Pot Lid : 200mm x 200mm

  • Materials : 100% Paper

  • Eco-friendly & Non-toxic. No evironmetal hormone.

  • Available the stove and the Microwave

  • The Paper Cooking Pot is a fireproof pot that won’t burn when cooking food in it directly on the fire.

  • It is useful for cooking hot liquid dishes at outdoors and home particularly for single households.

  • It's highly durable against water and heat and lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Repeatable used for 5-8 times

  • Naturally decompose

  • Boiled with water for 3 hours

  • Functional paper lid

  • Easy to clean

  • High resistance Tenon

  • Precautions for Use
    Must put the water before heating.

    During the cooking, water does not evaporate all

    Electric oven less than 200 degrees is recommended to use


About us

Mountaineers all know that light hiking supplies are quite expensive and understand that have to pay much more money to buy the products. But they are willing to pay for these high- priced supplement and still go after for the ultralight equipment by all means. Thus, Ticc Huang, the founder of Smart Paper, seeks for the creative materials, develops the product as for the demands continuously and finally makes this come true in our life.

Now we would like to recommend you the greatest product that is made of paper, which combines the light weight, environmental, non-toxic, easy to carry, and simply goes into the daily life. Smart Paper could help not only on the weight issue but also easy to clean. Smart Paper is definitely the best choice that could accompany you everywhere in the outdoor activities.

Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT
  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)


    papper outdoor cook ware never burn down

Last Update : 2017-06-06
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