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Induction Heating Hob

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HOSUN made this Induction Hob is based on concept of the products meet an environmental protection and reduce carbon in the world. The first section of national slider capacitive touches control induction Hob domestic appliance with a total power of up to 3540W, it is easily meet people demands for cooking such as fried, boiled, fried cooking. Using interface heating (induction heating) technology which is different from the traditional chemical burning, per this way there is no carbon dioxide (CO2) also will not have CO while cooking, furthermore, It will not has others emission. So using Induction hob cooking food not only reducing emissions and reduce the damage on earth plant but also can have a better environment and more safety. The main feature: (1) This domestic induction hob with maximum power up to 3540W is made in Taiwan. (2) Compare to the traditional gas stove heating efficiency 40%, IH heating efficiency can be reached at 90% above, it rise a huge heating efficiency up lead the food can be heated quickly, per this way, not only save energy and shorten the cooking time. (3) The touches control panel of slider capacitive with 9 stages section flame, brand new experience and easy for operation also has a very fast heating function (Booster) (4) When the cooking is done and power is off, the heating area temperature degree is higher than 65°C, the panel will show the remaining heat by LED pillar to warning user don't touch that area and using the magnetic heating way lead the ambient temperature will not have the high temperature zone to reduce the user risk. (5) Passed the Germany VDE authentication and passed the ministry of economic affairs bureau of standards, certificate of the type approval of the products Meet EN50366 electromagnetic wave regulation and EN3765 domestic electric appliance it ensure user safety and care of your using.

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Last Update : 2016-12-27
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