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Fiber Air Bed Comforters & Pillow Covers

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  • Pattern : Plain Dyed,Yarn Dyed
  • Style : Plain
  • Use : Home

Key Features

We offer a wide range of bedding sets and comforter sets contain beautiful, eco-friendly bed comforters and bed sheets that prevent the growth of germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Health (ventilation), energy (saving money), green (recyclable material) Practical Lifestyle three spindle. Basic features: a breathable insulation, perspiration odor, resistance to heavy shock-absorbing, anti-bacterial anti-mildew, water environmental protection, light featherweight, breathable ventilation visible not hot, and possessed a natural adjustment to adapt to body temperature, cool seasons ... and other product features and ultra-durability. There is a good cushion, have a good product! Product development, the most diverse, and most widely applicable, the only regular 3D honeycomb golden ratio, sandwich mesh, 100% MIT Taiwan's design, manufacturing, and multi-national patents and is eligible MIT smile mark certificate, qualified by the testing, quality assurance, 100% polyester fiber 3D stereoscopic regular cellular ultra breathable cushion force, 22cmX22cm square centimeter to about 24 grams, with an average weight of 100 kg is subjected to sit collapse, pressure is not flat, not concave stepped and twisted restitution is not easy deformation, to achieve ventilation and ventilation visual visible structure. A new generation of air-quality color bedspread set three organizations: no matter how the weather changes, is still a good sleep. Skin-friendly layer: mining large wicking mesh gauze, 100% wicking yarn, feel comfortable, instant moisture, perspiration expand the area quickly reach dry separation. Soft, breathable layer: light weight and good flexibility, soft and airy, after dust mites, wash prevent rapid drying. Air Descemet: optimal ventilation layer, three-dimensional one-piece-woven, multi-national invention patents cushion, super force, 22x22cm average force can withstand 100 kg weight, by air convection, achieve a circulating ventilation to keep cool and comfortable. Each have 1/3 of the time of sleep, sleep quality improvement, choose to use fiber air bedspreads / pillow cover: Summer airconditioning can raise temperatures of air power, air power can be raised once the C 6 percent tariff (Taipower provided), but the cold and make the body more healthy. Winter quilt cover, as the cover is up and down, fast warm, and not because of climate change and sultry. Using fiber mattress human skin dander naturally fall into the lower cushion can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean (or wipe with a damp cloth) cleaning the mattress, the benefits are available to make your spring mattress cleaner, not direct pressure to the spring bed and hereby ill mold (visual is invisible) and parasitic mites, because spring bed is generally not clean and sun exposure. Easy cleaning and maintenance: machine wash or hand wash load laundry after soaking, dehydration quick-drying, may also be drying, bacteria and mold! Prohibition dry cleaning and drying! Do not use bleach!

Last Update : 2019-05-09
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