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DC5V Low-Voltage Micro-Aperture Atomizer Chip

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I. Specifications 1.Oscillation chip (two type): 1).∮16※50um_65um (thickness)--WB-16A 2).∮20※50um_65um (thickness)--WB-20A 2.Piezoelectric chip: ∮15※∮8※0.7t 3.Resonance frequency: about 107±5KHz 4.Atomizing rate: 40_60cc/hr 5.Atomized particle size: ∮5_∮35um (Depend on customer's demand) 6.Power consumption: Approx. 1.5W 7.Piezoelectric chip startup voltage: Min. 70Vp-p 8.Liquid viscosity: Max.10CP II.Product Picture Driver unit + Atomizer unit + Spray nozzle stand III.Notice to Use 1.Low liquid level protection design is required to prevent the atomizer CHip from burning out while in high atomized output condition. IV. Applications 1. Humidify in car 2. Personal humidifier and cooler 3. Micro-dose medicine nebulizer 4. Indoor deodorization / sterilization and aromatization (using essential oil) 5. Face moisture in air-conditioned room 6. Auto plant humidifier 7. Create romantic atmosphere for gym and beauty saloon 8. Adding fragrance in theme restaurants 9. Deodorization in hospitals or for pets 10. Aroma therapy V. Instructions 1. Comparison with traditional atomizer Item WB-16A Traditional Power Input DC 3_5V AC110V Consumption 1.5W 20W Atomizing Rate 30_120cc/hr About 300cc/hr Construction Simple Complicated Price Cheap Expensive Mobility Portable In house or car Lifetime About 1,000hr About 5,000hr Exterior Mini sized Large sized 2. Atomizing rate depends on PH and viscosity for different liquids. 3. Professional group is always prepared for customized designs and provide product samples in the shortest time. 4. All kinds of specials components are available in inventory, sample requirement is welcome. (Medical field, square-shape, high lightness LED type, super mega size for agriculture or industry)

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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